The first edition of the Bonham Drum Show in Quebec City was held on May 10th at le Bar le Cercle. More than a hundred people showed up for what turned out to be an unforgettable evening, thanks to the wonderful guest drummers: Sam Harrison, Ange.E.Curcio, Russ Labadie, Stéphane Gaudreau, Phil Bernatchez, Elie Bertrand, Serge Poulin, Perry Angelillo and... myself! Also the amazing singer Bob St-Laurent backed by the Quebec City Led Zeppelin tribute band “Let’s Zep“.

The fourth edition will be held on Tuesday November 8 at the Théatre de la Plaza in Montreal.

The Bonham Drum Show on         




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Here I am, back from the famous Music City, Nashville. I was there for almost 5 months. Here are the top highlights:

- Met B.B. King's long time drummer Tony TC Coleman at B.B. King's Club.
- Saw Pat Benatar & Neil Giraldo in concert at the Ryman Theater.
- Flew in to New-Jersey to catch the East-Coast Bonzo Bash.
- Went to the Nashville summer NAMM show.
- Now a member to the NGF (Nashville gig finder).
- Saw Deep Purple's concert at the Ryman Theater.
- The Rolling Stones rocking at the LP Field stadium.
- Audition for the BB King Blues cruiseship line.
- Participation at many drummers networking lunches.
- Jams at the famous Bourbon Street Blues Bar & Grill.
- Played with singer/guitarist Trevor Finlay.
- Participation at the World fastest drummer competition.
- CMA (Country music Association) festival.
- Greg Bisonette drum Clinic.
- Downtown cruise on the General Jackson Boat.
- Tom Hurst "Loud Jamz" (tribute to different Drum Heroes).

Tony TC Coleman & Dan  /  Bourbon Street Blues Bar & Grill

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Los Angeles highlights / January 2016:

- Went to the "Hurry" show (Celebration of Rush Music), "Bonzo Bash" (tribute to John Bonham) and "Randy Rhoads Remembered" reahearsal at the famous "Mates Reahearsal Studios" in North Hollywood who received since 1986 the biggest bands like: Cheap Trick, Aerosmith, Gun'n'Roses, Velvet Revolver, Metallica etc...

- Worked as drum tech Assistant at the prestigious "Bonzo Bash" with guest drummers Brian Tichy (producer), Stephen Perkins, Ray Luzier, Chad Smith, Carmine Appice, Glen Sobel and many more.

- Invited to the NAMM convention to visit and see all the new products of the drums brands like: TAMA, Ludwig, Sabian, Paiste, Remo, Evans, Vic Firth and many others.

- Participated to the recognise "Lucky Strike Jam Night" in Hollywood organised by bassist Billy Sheehan with guests: Matt Starr, Carmine Appice and many well known guitarists and bassists players of the 80's & 90's Classic Rock era.

- Went to Pearl's drums clinic with the legendary Dennis Chambers.

Ludwig Tequila Sunrise Kit  /  Anaheim Convention Center
/ Bonzo Bash Red Carpet

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The second edition of the Bonham Drum Show was held on Tuesday November 10 at l'Alizée in downtown Montreal. This event pays tribute to Led Zeppelin's legendary drummer John Henry Bonham. Ten drummers performed three songs each of the famous rock band. The third edition is in preparation and is scheduled for the fall of 2016.

See ya !